• http://www.redmudmedia.com Red_Mud_Rookie

    Great post Eric. Here’s a question for you…. How do you make clients see this? As you may recall from our conversations in the past, I am an advocate of “create great content and the links will come” NOT “let’s go out and see how many links we can get”.
    Obviously the latter is effective, but the key point you made which I point out to all clients is “If every site has the exact same set of inbound links and employs the same on-site SEO tactics (title tags, h1’s, contextual links, anchor text etc), how the heck do you rank them?”
    Encouraging clients to invest in great content that is well thought out in terms of user intentions and requirements as well as brilliantly executed is really difficult because it’s expensive and clients have got an endless queue of SEOs telling them they can conquer the world through links alone.

    Yes, links are the most influential factor and reap the (repulsive expression in SEO terms) fast gains/quick wins etc. but at what long term price to the site’s integrity?
    My whiter than white approch to SEO has been left badly scarred in the past few months by what I’ve learnt in various conversations and have come to accept… the guys who aren’t playing entirely straight are winning the business and Google seems to have very little control over it, despite the well publicised threats of being blacklisted if caught etc.

    What’s a guy to do? Continue playing straight (wish I am still doing… for the time being) or jump ship and get a piece of the action from the majority of the SEO industry?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Eric,

    Great post! My white hat philosophy is build highly relevant links to a site over time, things that will help generate visitors and will build a brand of a company. It is always tough for clients to understand this because as Red_Mud_Rookie, mentioned there are always so many so called “SEO experts” that promise the world through grey and black hat link building techniques (that client’s often don’t understand and/or can’t even tell the difference)…

    Anyway, I have always found that good content and excellent on site optimization factors in combination with a solid relevant link building program over time most websites will do well…