• RockyFu

    “The official post doesn’t show in the top results.”

    Two main reasons.
    1. All blogger blogs at ….blogspot.com are blocked in China.
    2. Google official blogs are completely in English and you can hardly get ranked well with English website on Baidu.

  • wyfwyf112

    i am a chinese, and i think we use baidu.com but not baidu.cn……….

    but i like google more, wish we could use google in the future

  • yjl

    The things described here are almost all caused by the behaviors of GFW.
    Usually, GFW won’t block non-Chinese content. However, thanks to the special care for Google, they block all sub domains of blogspot.com but not http://www.blogspot.com at the most times.

  • http://www.cnblogs.com/shuchao/ shuchaoo

    blogspot.com blocked in china!