• Chas

    They must be getting nervous about Google pondering over Yahoo!, again.

  • TimmyTime

    >> “They must be getting nervous about Google pondering over Yahoo!, again.”

    You dont; get it, do you? MONOPOLY

    Danny sure it isn’t Bing isn’t the default on IE? I always wondered at the low Bing % when most people would never bother to change the SE in browsers. This might explain it.

    Since Bing has such a low share, I’m share they are thinking about the what ifs of making it the default. Sure Google can’t complain after their pathetic defences for their own doings.

  • http://www.ofinteresttome.com/ Matt Jordan

    I recently reinstalled Chrome and yes, it does give you the option to have Google, Yahoo, or Bing as your search when you first launch it.

  • Simon Bengtsson

    Chrome has asked whether to use yahoo, bing or google since july 2010.

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk Nathaniel Bailey

    “Apple computers, installing Chrome causes it to deliberately ask if you want to use Google, Yahoo or Bing” lol why would you ask if you want to use yahoo and bing? They both serve the same results now so they should only bother to offer google and bing, and just drop yahoo.

  • Benjamin Krauss

    instead of a download-button on the Firefox with Bing-Site i got this message displayed:
    “Sorry, this download is not supported by your system.”
    http://www.firefoxwithbing.com/ ??