• taite11

    English is my first language and I’ve studied Chinese since I was a teenager. Now, I’m fluent in Chinese. Here are my comments and questions:

    I don’t agree with the analysis of the language. Even for me, picking out and reading Chinese words is a lot easier than reading the English text in this article which is printed in block letters without spaces. I’m 100% certain Chinese people would find it easier to read Chinese, than we would find it to read that sentence. To read that sentence I need to scan over each letter. Word length ranges from 1 letters (“a”) to at least 10 (“conceptual”). With Chinese there is usually only 1 or 2 syllables in a word, each of which is written with a Chinese character.

    I also have to say that I don’t know what a “Chinese keyboard” is – The keyboards in China are the same as any other keyboards.

    I think everything else in this article is right on.

    I would like to know more about how a user’s expectation of relevance of results would affect their behaviour. On Google the most relevant results show up at the top under clearly marked ads. However, on Baidu, companies pay for placement or can sometimes get placement via special connections.

    Were the Chinese people in the study accustomed to using Google? Do they know that Google puts the most relevant results up top? They may think Google is just like Baidu, with results at the top that are either paid for, or placed there by a friend of a friend who works at Baidu. It would be interesting to compare two groups of Chinese users: loyal Google users and loyal Baidu users. Would Chinese people who use Google daily have eye movements similar to a North American who uses Google or a Chinese person using Baidu?

    It would also be interesting to look at foreigners who can read Chinese. I notice when I read Chinese pages my eyes dart around much more than when I read English pages. Would a group of English-speaking foreigners who can read Chinese fluently view Baidu results like Chinese people?

    Finally, is there a Chinese translation of this article? I would like to pass it on to some Chinese SEO/SEM guys and see what they think.