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    Hi Eric, Excellent post and thanks for listing the top IYP, there were a few that I have not heard of so, I will be sure to evaluate those…I think the biggest issue I have encountered with all of the profiles out there is for clients that have been in business for years is often the duplication of profiles and incorrect information.

    For instance, I have a client that has been in business for over 50 years and the have 10 to 15 versions of their profiles in most of the IYPs out there. We have tried to clean them up but we have found this has been nearly an impossible task…any advise of how I might approach this situation? Thanks!

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    Great information on the local landscape. Local presents unique issues for both the engines and the businesses. A segment largely ignored, this is a great primer for those trying to make heads or tails of how it works.

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    Hi Eric,

    Nice summary of the local search challenges. It would be great if you could add http://www.tinkn.com to your list. We just launched nationally and are growing fast in reviews! Listings can be modified by the business owners on our site.


    Kristin Hartshaffer

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