• http://webdealswatch.com/ Ron Coachman

    Article is spot on Ben. #1 concern for me is conversion. High CTR is good for ones ego but pointless without conversion at the end of it.

  • Pat Grady

    The link between CTR and CR is strong, especially for Display. Understanding it’s direction and magnitude, for the PPC under study, is crucial.

  • Don Needham

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  • Benjamin Vigneron

    Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree, a high CTR is pointless without conversion. I guess my point is that it is pretty much the same thing the other way around – a high conversion rate is pointless without clicks. As a result, you need a “good enough” CTR while optimizing the conversion rate to effectively scale up your paid search program.

  • http://twitter.com/ioninteractive ion interactive

    The information in this post is valuable – it is important to remember that while click through rate is important, turning those clicks into leads is even more important. Finding out what works to convert those leads through testing is a great approach – whether it’s A/B or multivariate. Great post.Thanks. Erik Bortzfield ion interactive

  • Jose Luis Julian

    First of all Thanks you for the information in this post. But I have a question. How do you estimate the Profit Margin with the data in the chart?

    Thank you very much and greetings for your job!