Benjamin Vigneron

Benjamin Vigneron is a seasoned digital marketing strategist with experience in Europe and the US and was listed as one of the best eCommerce PPC Experts by PPC Hero in September 2014. He currently works as a Senior Business Analyst in the Digital Marketing team at Adobe, where he provides advertisers and account management teams with data-driven and actionable insights on strategies to optimize their search, programmatic, and social initiatives.


3 Opportunities With Those New Google Shopping Campaigns

For those who are not necessarily familiar with Google Shopping campaigns — let’s clarify things straight away. Product listing ads (PLAs) are remaining the same as an ad format for end users, whether search marketers are using “old PLAs” or new Shopping campaigns. The novelty lies only on the campaign management side of things, including […]


5 Steps To Leverage Those AdWords Bid Simulations For Maximum Return

Though the basic concepts have remained the same, a lot has changed since Hal Varian released his bidding tutorial back in 2009 (video autoplay), especially with enhanced campaigns and those new mobile and location bid modifiers. One such change is that keyword-level simulations are now available for download in AdWords. For any search marketer interested in marginal […]


3 Tips To Fine-Tune Your Paid Search Program For The Holidays

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, it is high time search marketers got their paid search program ready to scale up efficiently. In this column, I’ll outline and dive into three tips you should consider to get the most from the holidays in paid search. From my experience, most of the success […]

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How To Use The New AdWords Estimated Cross-Device Conversions

A couple of months after the paid search world had to transition to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns in the name of simplified and more relevant cross-device ad management, we are finally getting some initial food for thought with regard to cross-device performance. I called it the “next frontier for online marketers” in a previous post, and we are now officially getting […]

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Segmenting Your Paid Search Program For Improved Manageability

Most direct response marketers either need to meet a given efficiency goal (CPA, ROAS, etc.) or get the most of the budget available — or both combined. The budget and efficiency goals typically vary over time for lots of different reasons, such as seasonal trends and promotion periods, and you need to quickly toggle from […]

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5 Steps to Implement a Successful Bidding Strategy in Paid Search

When you set up bidding in paid search, it’s important you put a strategy in place prior to implementation. The most relevant questions that need to be addressed when developing this strategy are as follows: How many bidding strategies do I need? What cookie window should I use? Should I use a revenue-attribution model and […]

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Analyzing Cost-Per-Click Inflation In The Marketplace

In any pay-per-click auction environment (like paid search), the average cost-per-click (CPC) represents the result of a complex auction algorithm which includes multiple factors, such as: Competitiveness level Quality Score Bidding strategy Seasonality In a previous post, I approached the competitiveness piece by looking at the ratio between the CPC and max bid in order […]

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Smart Geographic Segmentation & Bidding With Enhanced Campaigns

New PPC Best Practices In An Enhanced Campaign World was one of SMX Advanced Seattle’s most engaging sessions; and, as a speaker, I have received a great deal of feedback and questions about those bid location modifiers. As it turns out, location bid modifiers are one of the (only) benefits of upgrading to enhanced campaigns, […]

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Analyzing Competitiveness In Your Paid Search Account

The auction-based industry we work in involves a number of metrics which help search marketers identify where they are doing better or worse than the competition. Just to name a few, the most common metrics search marketers usually look at are the Quality Score (QS), the average cost-per-click (CPC), the impression share (IS), and the […]

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How To Determine Your Hourly Bid Multipliers In AdWords

Since I received some solid feedback on my last column detailing how to determine mobile & geo bid multipliers for enhanced campaigns, I thought I’d share some more actionable stuff this time around. While hourly bid multipliers aren’t new, they remain a crucial tactic for optimizing your AdWords campaigns. They work by reducing your ad spend at […]

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How To Determine Your Mobile & Geo Bid Multipliers For Enhanced Campaigns

As every search marketer should be aware by now, AdWords enhanced campaigns now allow you to set campaign-level bid multipliers for your mobile impressions, and also by geo. While mobile bid multipliers seem to be more of a step backward compared to mobile targeted campaigns, geo bid multipliers are actually a nice feature and definitely […]

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How To Use Regression Analysis To Estimate Incremental Revenue Opportunities

My previous article was about estimating the potential for growth for those paid search campaigns capped due to insufficient budget. This was definitely the easy part since the logic behind the assumptions involved in the calculation was fairly simple. Now, we can address those paid search campaigns capped due to insufficient rank – and there […]

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A/B Testing From Search To Conversion

As I mentioned in a previous post, search marketers should work on finding the middle ground between a high CTR (appealing ads) and a high conversion rate (qualified traffic). This process is trickier than it seems because of the inverse relationship between those two metrics. In this article, I’ll share a couple of thoughts which […]