• http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    I was just looking at some web directories today (not dmoz). What surprised me is how little traffic they are receiving. I have to imagine the link value from some niche directories is still worth the effort of inclusion but I really was not expecting traffic numbers to be so low. Even so, I think they deserve respect.

  • http://www.inetours.com/ LWN

    Cry me a river DMOZ.

    I have been publishing one website since 2000. I submitted it early and it was accepted. After a couple of years I noticed that there were duplicate entries for iNeTours.com so contacted to let them know. They immediately removed both listings and I have been trying ever since to be re-listed, applying every 6 months or so with no luck.

    Seems to me they get the attention they deserve.

  • http://www.findouter.com findouter

    Thanks for mentioning findouter.com. What distinguishes us from other directories is that our listings are ranked according to importance. A look at the US hospitals link mentioned in the article should make that clear.

  • Eliza

    findouter, you should consider removing the nofollow tags from your directory links. Then maybe you’d get more attention and respect.

  • http://mformer.com/ Indiemark

    Yes, in the early days, online directories were the starting place for most search marketing efforts. Now with the exponential growth of online content and rising cost of paid search, positive results are becoming increasing more difficult to attain. Today’s niche-oriented, social media infused directories are welcomed, needed, and making a comeback.

  • http://www.totalbasementfinishing.com Basement Remodeler

    Similar to LWN, we had a listing for BasementSystems.com, then it was deleted when I added another domain. And now we can’t get any sites associated with Basement Systems in — we have 350 dealerships.

    I smell a competitor. DMOZ is irrelevant, and until this post, I had pretty much thought it was defunct anyway… isn’t it?

  • Tom J

    Something I found rather odd.

    The first day your post appeared, it showed up when I searched Google News for ‘dmoz’ (along with several other blogs quoting yours). The next day, and every day afterwards, all of those disappeared. Search Newz (which referenced your original post) appeared instead (and I selected ‘Past month’, so they shouldn’t have disappeared):

    Meanwhile, Yahoo News continues to show your post:

    Now go back to Google News and click on ‘Blogs’. Those blogs quoting you (especially Search News which appears under various other names as well) were listed much higher than your post – and that’s when sorted by ‘Relevance’. Very odd, imo.

    Finally…I wonder what your opinion of web directories would be if they excluded ALL business and shopping links, and only included ‘information’ links. I’m guessing you wouldn’t know about them, as your focus is SEO which seems to mean business only. Probably like asking for your opinion of an encyclopedia. I’m not trying to be snarky, simply suggesting you have a much mroe narrow focus than most people who use search engines, let along directories.