• Ronnie’s Mustache

    So Google’s suggested MBA’s are too high?

    I would have never guessed. :|

  • Sanil Subhash Chandra Bose

    Good post. Can we do the analysis pre-post algorithm (Panda, Penguin) updates as well?

    I am pretty sure PPC investment gone high with algorithm updates, their by bidding war as well, hence CPC has gone up as well. This is my hypothesis, no broad data to support my argument at the moment. But if I get a broad data access, I am pretty sure this hypothesis will become true.

  • http://www.aomservices.com/ Derek Abbring

    (posted this on facebook too, really need an answer) Anyone else see & charged for false traffic from adwords? On one enterprise site, all keywords and time on site averages 3 minutes or more & time on site from adwords traffic is below .03 seconds for over $5,000 in spend. Google support tried to tell me that almost everyone must have bounced on that page..yet the site bounce rate is 40% They said the time is low because their timer doesn’t start upon entering the site, the adword time on site starts on the 2nd page that is viewed, but all organic traffic has on average 5.7 pages viewed for the exact same terms traffic enters the site from on adwords…so they are trying to tell me that the traffic that enters the site from adwords is THAT much different than the organic search traffic? I don’t see that on any lower competitive sites, only highly competitive sites…so my real question is how do you prevent negative adword auto-scripts from depleting your daily adword budget so you can get only real traffic?