• Miguel de la Rocha

    According to the Wall Street Journal analysis a 25% drop in visibility is only equal to around 1.1% loss of revenue for the quarter. If they don’t get their traffic back their Q1 ’04 numbers will look much worse than that….

  • Kirby Winfield

    Seasonality folks. Travel bookings drop substantially Aug vs Jul.

  • Danny Solano

    This penalty will affect any hotel listed on Expedia?

  • http://www.arisrock.com @arisrock

    Why expedia got penalised: look at how many SEO’s at expedia focus on Link building :) http://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/f?type=all&keywords=expedia+link+building&orig=GLHD&rsid=&pageKey=member-home

  • Christoph C. Cemper

    David stay tuned, we’re working on it – but it’s a big site, and a lot to look at – 10M links in Majestic Fresh, 120M in Majestic historic :)

  • Matthias Bachor

    If of interest, we analyzed the back link structure of Expedia, and there are quite some interesting details:


  • http://www.brianmanon.com/ Brian Manon

    This shouldn’t effect affiliates in any way

  • http://www.brianmanon.com/ Brian Manon

    Of course they will. They don’t have to remove all the links either, a few will do.

  • http://www.brianmanon.com/ Brian Manon

    Im sure they knew, but the fact that someone called them out put google in the a uncomfortable position so they had to show their power.

  • Federico Hoefer

    This is nthe real situation of Expedia.com:

  • m. iliana cruz

    exactly, competition among OTA’S and Meta searches is red hot and google wants a piece of the pie. I don’t think the quality of Expedia’s deals has changed.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    Hi Garry, You are right that the first 10 results in Google are crap now a days.. but what about those start-up companies who give the best services. Just because of these multi-billion companies, they are not getting chance to rank up.

    Now Google has started taken action against all the black hat SEOs methods.. By this way after some time we would be getting fresh and relevant websites in top 10 results.


  • Gary Lee

    I understand where you are coming from but Google has been at this for 10+ years and manages to make things worse at every turn. There will always be a new way to game the SERPS with the path they have chosen to go down. The actions of Google that you speak of only affect good businesses, why? because most of the black hat businesses out there are churn and burn sites, they understand they have a short life cycle and continue to stay ahead of Google with new tactics, Google is and will always be too slow to deal with issues. They don’t listen or react to their informants quick enough. I reported an issue direct to Google a while ago showing a blatant scam issue of a site in first place in SERPS, it took them over 6 months to deal with, by which time the company had 6 new sites in place in all other keywords and still does to this day. They need real time punishment reactions or its pointless. Only a good business with a brand get affected and for those sites to be knocked off of search results because they did not play by the rules because of many factors only leads to the customers losing out on finding a good service that misbehaved in Google. It does not make the service that business provides and less good, Does it?

    The only way to deal with the issues is to get a crap load more staff and deal with spam as people report it and not wait to factor it into a new update of some kind.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    You mean What Google does it all their concern, not any guidelines nothing else??????????

  • http://www.lostcyclist.me/ Quinton Hamp

    Good share. Probably as much as the problem as any link scheme.

  • http://www.lostcyclist.me/ Quinton Hamp

    According to Ahrefs, they more than doubled their backlinks in a period of 2 weeks. Maybe enough of those got indexed to tip the anchor text over the edge into a penalty?

    Most likely, it is a manual action, and goes to demonstrate just how well guest posting DOES work. Until it gets outed, that is.

  • http://lathesis.com/ Lathesis

    The first line “Google has been at this for 10+ years and manages to make things worse at every turn” Lathesis also agree with Agree with you point Google take too much time to resolve the issues Gary Lee.

  • rankbuilder

    What penalty, guys? Expedia launched a responsive homepage 3 weeks ago and is fighting with some issues every site is facing after that big site/content update…

  • rankbuilder

    What penalty? You showed just a list of looser keywords – how about a winner keyword list?