• http://www.myseojourney.com Rajeesh Nair

    Hi Barry,

    Is this something related to Guest Blogging?
    I mean if I write posts on blogs other than my personal blog and use this Author tag in the hyper link code from those blogs i.e. Author Page to my personal blog and take advantage of it.

    If I am correct then Can you explain what about other Authors on those blogs. For eg. if you use this tag in your author page at Search Engine Land then what about other authors in here.
    Will they be using the same “rel=me” tag.

    Please let me know about this more in detail..


  • http://www.dishnetwork.com/ Phillip Marquez


    If I’m understanding this correctly, the rel=”author” tag would be used at the article level, whereas rel=”me” would be on the author’s page. So rel=”me would be used by multiple authors, but only on their respective page.