• http://profiles.google.com/trappermark Mark Traphagen

    Authorship Rich Snippet results also changed today. Gone is the “More from…” link. Now the byline link goes to what used to be shown by “More from…” and the “In xxx Google+ circles” is now clickable and goes to the author’s Google+ profile.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vasilika-Hida/100000778124331 Vasilika Hida

    This is BS i liked the way it was before. i clicked the arrow to see a preview and the red highlighted area. now this is gone i want it back. what can i do. how to get it back. help

  • eDigitalFields

    Google is constantly improving their search interface with such little changes to improve user experiences.

  • Juggernart Games

    Instant previews are also gone!

  • http://twitter.com/jwdlatif Jawad Latif

    They are doing everything to make users use Google Plus. They added Google Plus comments in blogger 3,4 days ago and now they added share along with Cache link.

  • Tobith

    Wow, this is really silly. Now the white space on the right side of search results is often completely unused. It literally is wider than the actual search results. What a waste.

  • http://twitter.com/JoBrodie Jo Brodie

    Thanks to @davemack for pointing me to this and thank you for the explanation.

    Yesterday when I looked at Google (or possibly ‘very early this morning’) the small green arrow only had ‘Share’ as an option so I assumed that I’d have to use cache:page in Google search until I found a better solution. I nearly *always* use the cached version before viewing the live page, because I want to see very quickly – thanks to the coloured highlights – whereabouts on the page my search terms are / how close they are together, as this is a big clue to how relevant the page will be to me.

    This new arrow is unexpected, but I do think having a permanent ‘thing’ is a bit easier than having to hover over the result, wait for the preview to appear and then move the mouse to the cached link. This is simpler but suffers from being a bit non-intuitive and unannounced. Rather like when supermarkets move everything around – annoying, even if the new layout might actually be an improvement ;)

  • Elisa Mason

    I noticed Bing’s search results also include a little green triangle that leads to the cached page. I don’t use Bing very often – is this a new feature for them too?

  • http://www.facebook.com/roodhardt Rachel Roodhardt

    I published an article about this two days ago… my take on it is that it’s been done to make room for more improvements to the knowledge graph. Here’s the article…

  • Lori Eldridge

    If you have to be logged in to see the cached version, etc., it means any future searches are personalized until you log out again. This may be the REAL reason it was changed.