• http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    For residential addresses, this should be opt-in NOT opt-out!

  • Kristian Gustafsson

    Why assume that people wish to share their wifi location with Google?

    How about Google ask people who wish to ‘opt in’ to change their SSID instead of the other way around?

  • pvsantos

    BS. My home wifi is wide open (my PCs are firewall protected themselves as they also use public hotspots). If I don’t want anyone to map my wifi or connect to it then it is my responsibility to encrypt and protect it. Don’t blame Google for it. Anyone can do what Google did and you don’t even know it. Criminals cheaply drive around and collect the same data. They don’t need Google.

    It’s like cameras in public places and people complaining about privacy. If we’re broadcasting or in a public place it is silly to expect privacy. Assume that when you step out of your house door there is always some camera somewhere capturing images. It can light pole cameras or anyone with a camera phone.