• http://www.admoolah.com/blog tlainevool

    I’m not sure why you say this is Google violating their own policies. It’s BP violating Google’s policy and Google not catching them. After reading the headline I was expecting to see a Google ad for Google itself that was violating the guideline.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    tlainevool, you’re right. In fact, I was following up on this as well. It was BP violating the guideline, not Google. We’ve corrected the headline and the story. Sorry for any confusion this caused.

  • http://www.adwordsanswers.com davidrothwell

    Google has been violating it’s own stated best practices for many years!

    Whenever you create a new campaign, all networks and all devices are automatically included.

    This is against their recommended (and completely accepted by many AdWords practitioners) practice of at least keeping the Content Network (oops, I meant Display) as a completely separate channel.

    However, at my recent presentation on Conversion Optimizer at Perry Marshall’s AdWords Elite Masters Summit in Maui, I explained why I believe that is done, and what the benefits to us actually are …