• http://www.wire-stone.com Kevin

    I am not seeing this live in my area yet (Idaho) are you sure this is fully rolled out to all users? If it is just rolling out what is their estimated timeframe to get to all users? Thanks!

  • http://www.lhessellund.dk Lars Hessellund

    Have you clicked the magnifier? In Chrome you have to click the small magnifier at the right side of the ad, just click once and you will be able to see the preview of all the ads and organic results.

  • http://www.jrsanfeliu.com/blog jrsanfeliu

    Hi Pamela!
    They first test the Instant Ad Previews but now it’s official. I’ve made a review of that new feature proposing the effects that this new feature can produce to Adwords CTR and CPC. Check it out! and we’ll discuss it.


  • JTrip

    The Google instant preview ads were working for me last week but now that it has supposedly officially launched they no longer work. That being said, when they were working last week I couldn’t decide if I found them useful or if I found them to be annoying when they popped up.

    By the way this will have to be my first and last post. I understand the reason for stopping spam but I can barely read any of the words I’m supposed to type in the box below to get my message to be posted.

  • http://www.tysonkirksey.com Tyson Kirksey

    I think this is an excellent feature, but is there any data on usage rates so far? My feeling is very few people actually use Instant Preview in the organic results, where it’s been fully rolled out for a while now. 0-5% maybe?