• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    And people said that Panda would affect AdSense revenues. Shame on them.

  • http://keithbrown.com Keith Brown

    Great write-up Greg, thanks for the quick review. A happy Mountain View is a happy Keith.

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    Sure. I was on a connection that was quitting every other minute. It was quite a challenge to listen in on the call.

  • http://www.brianfosse.com brianfosse

    Wow, well done Google. I agree with Keith. Google’s ecosystem has done so much to push the envelope online, enable small businesses and leverage information – I’m happy to see them succeed.

  • MrPibb

    Of course Google killed it. They changed AdWords in May to force more competition, which increased costs for everyone across the board. It forced the little guys to over spend or not compete.

    Our cost per lead went up by a magnitude of 4X the day after the change went into effect.

    Good work Google. You blew it to raise your profits. Fortunately Bing/Yahoo are much more affordable. Less traffic, sure, but the lead quality is outstanding.

  • TimmyTime

    “And people said that Panda would affect AdSense revenues. Shame on them.”

    Google would have pulled Panda in 24 hours if that was the case. Now that Panda forced Pandafied sites to advertise and brands to spend more of their Google SERP profits, Good Luck to those in panda prison. Google isn’t going to mess their profits to bring your site back, get a job.

  • Hiren vaghela

    Wow great news for Google. It will show their impact on current treads. Lots of creative things are going in Google and people are love it including me. Happy to see the success.