• Jake Fox

    Better for mobile, terrible for desktop users. No underlines make it more difficult to distinguish between results. Larger font size on headings means I don’t get to see as much of the title tags as before. Results look great on my s4 however. With not provided now almost hiding almost 90% of keyword data, it’s no wonder Google can lean towards highlighting ads more with the yellow ‘Ad’ symbols.

    Listen Google! Keep this layout for mobile devices but revert back for desktop users!

  • dave

    how do you get the old one back this is terrible. now I have even less screen real estate

  • Leonid Saykin

    dear google stop making your user experience even more terrible

  • marulez

    First I thought there is something wrong with my browser then I came across this post…….. so now it makes sense!

    The new interface is horrid! My eyes bleed while watching the search results! I think they just rolled it out today or something because today it’s the first day I noticed it……..

    OMG! I hope they rollback to previous version!

  • guest

    WTF is this,i thought there was something wrong with my laptop and spent hours trying to change things because one search it was fine then another would bring up this mess.,thank god i found this site..Please go back to the way it was,this is horrible,and let people know when you are making changes f**king morons

  • He Zhang

    I don’t like it :(
    It’s always good to try new style, but give me a option to roll it back..

  • fnarf

    I just saw it today for the first time and it is HORRIBLE. At first I assumed I must have picked up malware and been redirected to one of those bogus search sites. I have a large monitor with a high resolution but it only shows a few results on a screen now. This is completely insane.

  • Jennifer Pockey O’Meara

    Yuck! I was wondering what the heck was wrong with my font in Google search. I don’t like it! :( I kept thinking something was wrong with the way I have my font and zoom set in my browser…nope, it’s all Google. Now the search results seem kinda spaced between letters, drives my eyes bonkers! It’s not friendly on the eyes!

  • Damien

    I’ve just started to see this layout today in the UK, and IMO it makes the screen harder to read. Leading letters of words are bigger than the rest of the words, and I find it challenging to adjust to.

  • Dian

    This sucks! Why wouldn’t they warn us before changing? I thought my computer had gone wacko! I don’t get nearly the search results I used to and now I get search results on my 1st page that don’t have anything to do with my search box! Why do these IT people think they have to keep screwing around with something has always worked? These IT people sell their ideas to the upper echelon in order to make sure they are worth their weight in wages and here we are! Having to live with changes that suck to the rest of us and appeal to very few. Come on Google – get back to basics! Read the comments and find we hate this new Google!

  • Lee Hadley

    I must say its not a good look they could have done better or just left it alone !
    Was any market research undertaken??

  • Sharon Sweet

    I love Google, but I don’t like the new design as the font size is too big.

  • Ryan Willger

    I know it’s all preference, the content hasn’t changed, but something about it is unnerving to me. Maybe it’s all the whitespace, or that the difference is subtle enough that it feels the same, but I know something’s different. I hope I get used to this, I keep double checking I’m in google and not hi-jacked by some add on.

  • http://StacyYoungArt.com/ Stacy Young

    I guess underlined hypertext is so 2.0 now!

  • Connie Honlee

    yes I don’t like this and wish Google will see this discussion thread. Thanks.

  • http://theodorosploumis.com/en TheodorosPloumis

    My eyes are bleeding too!
    The new “blue” color on link has a very high contrast with white. It has to be soften.

  • thePhenomWM

    I installed this as underline.user.js as an extension in Chrome. But nothing happens.

  • Chris

    See my edit and get new script on the link.

  • http://carmencitoberdon.com Carmencito Berdon

    I don’t like the new layout.. It kinda uneasy to my eyes…

  • thePhenomWM

    Thanks a lot. Works flawlessly.

  • oletip

    I absolutely hate the new layout At first i wondered if something was wrong with my display ! I could see there was some change but couldn’t put a finger on it. I wish there was a way to get back the old neat look. This one feels like you computer lacks a certain font or your display drivers are corrupt.

  • Fabio Fiorellato

    I too was bored by the new look of Google search results: so I took the chance to develop a simple Chrome extension (GBTOGF: get back the original Google font) to reapply the old style: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gbtogf/fohfekokhljmhjhcjlkljcdkjdlgbhnk

    Will keep improving it, but just as it is now, will already give a bit of relief to our geek eyes… :)



  • Foxy

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the new serp layout. At first I thought I had been infected with malware and spent a whole day trying to hunt down the culprit. How cheap and childish this is, is completely beyond words. Just vile!