• http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    “Places search” is also missing from the top “more” link. Both the more results link and Places search got you to page 2, 3, 4, 5… of the local listings. Now you can’t paginate back in local.

    That means only businesses that rank on page 1 can be found. Even if Google is only showing a 3 pack for that query, there is no way to see the other listings beyond 3.

    So if you don’t find what you want on page one, you need to jump to map search which is a slightly different algo. Plus not sure all consumers would think to do that. If they want to see a long list of restaurants with reviews and Google stops at 7, they’ll likely just leave and go to Yelp or Bing instead!

    We kept asking Google for answers, hoping this was maybe a temporary glitch and the reply above was all Jade could share for now. Sounds like more local display changes are on the way.

  • Tony Griego

    OK, that’s crazy on so many different levels. I love how Jade Wang just down plays it like it’s a small thing (which in all honesty, it probably is to most end users). However, when you’re assessing your business or a client’s performance and troubleshooting things, that’s a very helpful link.
    This is one of several updates we’re working on to improve the local search experience, with the goal of more seamless exploration of places and more integration of local data.
    “One of several?”

  • http://twitter.com/rogerweavers Roger Weavers

    You can still see all the local listings you want, just click on the “maps” button at the top of the page.
    Google seems to be showing less and less local listings and quite often there are natural listings above the 7 pack. For this reason I am concentrating on getting natural listings for my clients local search terms and not worrying too much about the local listings any more.
    There’s only one constant with SEO, and that is change.

  • http://www.autocarshippers.com/ Jack Limerick

    I did the same search and the first result has contact info for a plumber specialising in fire sprinkler systems based right there in Clemente… Was something wrong with that company?

  • Joe McCord
  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Seems like this local search results change is making local seo even more important as the user is more or less limited to local search results on the first page. For businesses, its first page or virtual invisibility in the local SERPs. For suburban and rural area businesses this is probably less of an issue since competition for those for many local searches is limited. For urban businesses, this creates more of an issue as the competition for making page one of the local search results is going to be fierce for anything but the most niche categories. From an SEO standpoint, this change is a loss as the “more results near” was a fantastic source of potential citations when performing competitive analysis in the local results. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ex-Google User (in-waiting)

    Are you surprised?

    Google is no longer in the “we care about empowering people with technology and so will make things that are cool and helpful” phase of the company.

    The new, current phase is “we’ve got you right were we want you, and so you’ll do it our way, and if you don’t like it, too bad” phase.

    Look around you, the evidence of this shift is overwhelming.

    It’s the same misguided thinking that drives Google’s desperate efforts to push a “mobile internet” on people. “You can view X from here, but not there. And you can view Y from there, but not here!” Meanwhile the data is the same no matter where it is accessed.

    It’s just another ‘dirty’ effort by Google to control how people access information, ultimately to increase their profits (because they’re not profitable enough yet? I guess).

    So you see, Google used to be an information aggregate, serving a well-understood position that is subservient to information and people’s needs.

    Now Google aims to be information gatekeepers, exploiting their vast position and reach, in order to facilitate increasing amounts of control.

    ‘Give us your phone number, addresses, friends, give it to us all! (because, well we make lists and profiles about you that you have no access to, but that we will happily share with governments and any profit enterprises that benefit us.)’

    If that’s not “evil” i don’t know what is.

    Shame on you Google.