• JLishere

    I am extremely skeptical about this. The Seattle screenshot above is almost exactly identical to Apple Maps: the local labels, fonts, colors and icons for parks, hotels and schools are those of Apple.

  • http://www.redstarcreative.co.uk/ Andy Kinsey

    I too am unsure of the truth in this. Its about time it had an interface update, and maybe IO will be the stage for that but i dont see them trying to make the maps look like Apple maps as this picture shows…

  • Andrew Sawyer

    I like the new UI look and cleaner map formatting. What I notice is the font/type for the city place names is different. The POI icons have a circle around them. One big change is the lack of Yellow coloring for arterial roads and instead they’re shown as wider roads with a white color.

  • Poul

    Are you joking, right? Did you ever sean how crap looks Apple’s maps?! I don’t think so, because this looks nothing like Apple’s maps.

    This Google new Maps is beautifully and fresh flat design. Millions times better than crap apple’s maps.


  • http://twitter.com/SEObyJoeRestivo Joe Restivo

    I agree… This doesn’t really look like Apple Maps… If anything I’d say they stole some design ideas for the MapQuest App….. Which I’m a fan of, so I’m looking forward to this being rolled out!