• ronabop

    Are you required to fact check your articles?
    Are opinions being expressed, rather than information (which may be opinionated)?
    Is your work vetted through editors and proofreaders before publishing?

    Blogging and Journalism are not the same thing.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Ron, it’s rare to find a newspaper that fact checks. Trust me, i know. I’ve been quoted in hundreds of articles — few papers ever, ever call to fact check. Usually, it’s only magazines — and these are rare.

    No, blogging and journalism aren’t the same thing. But just because you publish news using a blog platform doesn’t make you not “news.”

    It’s a tough call for Google to make. Here at Search Engine Land, we’ve fall in both the news and blog camps (in fact, that’s why Google has put us in both news and blog search for some time). We’re called a blog simply because of our publishing tool. That’s it.

    I’ve go no doubt if I raise the issue, I can lose the blog annotation that’s been attached to us (and Google encourages people to do this, if they want). I’m just not sure if I want to or not.