• FranglaisPillow43
  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    You reminded me of the parody viral video
    ..of what you should never do with Google Street View


    How long is it going to be when little Google Photo Nano bots, can actually go into peoples homes and photograph.



  • nowIampissedoff

    I have tried to correct the Google Mapping of one of my clients buildings but it still remains incorrect. I have submitted the building beside my client including address, maps and satellite images to no avail.

    I am Not impressed.

  • Mfon Eti-mfon

    And speaking of photo-nanobots, Google won’t quite need them in the nearest future. That is, I mean, if (that should really be WHEN) this whole google glass thing (great and innovative stuff, BTW) flies, they’d easily have (their) eyes everywhere! And with our help, too. Just imagine a stranger taking a tour of your house on google earth! Anyone thinking 2014?