• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    This is very big news! I look forward to testing this OS but I personally think Google will have a tough uphill battle, just like getting users to move from IE and Firefox to Chrome. Google became a household name and internet giant by providing a great product for every person on the planet. Companies that often try to do too much sometimes can loose sight of what made them…

    My personal opinion is that they should stick with and not stray away from search…as vast as Google’s resource are spreading themselves too thin may be a potential downfall in the distant future. The reality is it would take a significant amount of resource, money and time and an amazing product to get the mass population around the world to stop using Windows…this should be an interesting battle to see in the future!

  • http://www.positracker.com PosiTracker

    They’ve ventured outside of their core competency many times and failed… I’m sure people will be apprehensive to adopt a new OS from a company that has no problem shutting it down in the blink of an eye…

  • http://www.smx.ph alfredopalconit

    Well, they better have support to all major file types, like doc, jpg, pdf and can install most if not all known applications that run on Windows, Mac and or Linux.

    Compatibility is where other wanna be competitors are lacking. If Google can pull this off and give it away for free, people might switch to Google Chrome OS.

    I hope they wont place adsense inside the operating system, lol :D

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Oliver

    Google have a big task ahead of them to become as good as any other OS and I would like to try out Chrome when it comes out to see how it compares to the other ones. I agree with nick, they have been the biggest search engine for a long time and this is what they are best at.