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    Here is another verbatim :P

    Well, they better have support to all major file types, like doc, jpg, pdf and can install most if not all known applications that run on Windows, Mac and or Linux.

    Compatibility is where other wanna be competitors are lacking. If Google can pull this off and give it away for free, people might switch to Google Chrome OS.
    The Google Operating System Is Real: Google Chrome OS Announced comment

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    This is a great compilation of all of the activity regarding the new Google OS…thanks for putting all of this in 1 place! :o)

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    The Google OS has it’s place. I was rather surprised that it was not combined with Android as the base OS. Seems like a duplication of effort/development (Android and Chrome OS).

    If nothing else, this ramps up the fight for innovation. How much better did the browser get when competition perked up?

    Now, if we could just get some ad networks that could compete with G.