• http://www.gravytrain.co.uk Matthew Read

    I think someone at Google likes the look of ASOS! Definitely a step away from their usual styling but I must say I think it looks pretty good!

  • Angelina Foster

    Looks like some good changes. I’m looking forward to the ‘visually similar’ search as I’m always after some fashion inspiration!

  • http://blog.cpcstrategy.com Andrew Davis

    I’m guessing women are enjoying the user experience of the new Google Product Search more than the men that I work with are.

    Will the end result mean more sales for apparel merchants? Hopefully!

  • http://www.zenwebsolutions.com ZWS

    Sometimes it amazes me how quickly Google can chop and change, one minute they’re launching boutiques.com, the next minute they close it. I suppose they have plenty of money to be able to try something of that scale and pull it if they feel it’s not the way they want to go. I think improving the product search page is a really good idea. If they can make it a real proposition, somewhere regular web users will go to instinctively when lookin to buy, then it’ll make submitting a google merchant feed even more valuable. Maybe it’d even become something people would pay for?