• Michael Gray

    ok digging deeper into this, that site uses a lot of hotlinked images, one of the archive pages which had a hotlinked image from another site happened to be a malware site and it triggered the typical google malware warning interstitial.

    The actual page with the offending image isn’t hotlinked, still exists and has the image on it’s page

    hxxp://buzzoverm.blogspot.com/2009/10/michelle-obama.html (broken link format on purpose in case there are any real malware problems).

    Technically the site did have malware problem, and technically it was on a archive page where the image was …. but it sure looks a lot like google looking for a reason to pull the image they can hide behind … there’s no denying that having that image as the #1 result for michelle obama doesnt reflect well on google.

  • Bill Gomez

    I saw the image and it was disgraceful… Really disgusting. That said, it does seem like there may have been some selective censorship here. You can easily find equally distasteful and offensive photos of a former First Lady — Laura Bush (safe search off, third row down, last image on the right in my search)


    Without getting into politics, I’m an agnostic on all things political anyway, it sure seems like the Goog might have been looking for any excuse to remove the Michelle Obama image and found a convenient excuse with the \malware\ situation.

    And you’re right, a skeptic could certainly raise the question whether Goog’s exceptionally close relationship with this White House may have had something to do with it. Google needs to be really careful here… Unilaterally removing distasteful images (and I stipulate again that it was shockingly distasteful) and then looking for the justification after the fact (malware) doesn’t exactly inspire confidence about Google’s \neutrality\.

    If Google’s going to be neutral, they need to be neutral — even if that means having to wade through offensive crap posted by racist idiots.

  • http://www.cucumbermarketing.com Helen Stepchuk

    Didn’t see the picture, but I think there should be more control over things like this! Of course it’s almost impossible to do, but I think it was a good move that Google removed the pic…