• http://paydaycashreviews.com Andy Lighter

    Hey Durant – you do know that sucking up to Google on these threads WON’T protect your web sites when they decide to tank your rankings with their next algo tweak designed to line their pockets further.
    Judging by your comments my best guess is you never had any serious traffic or cash flow from Google’s search results – because if you did, you would be like most webmasters who have been providing great content for over a decade, and saw their traffic numbers tank in 2013.

  • Durant Imboden

    Nobody here is “sucking up to Google.” A handful of us simply prefer rational thinking and pragmatism to unproductive whining and kvetching.

    Again, let’s assume–for the sake of argument–that Google is a “scraper site.” Why would it want to send traffic to other scraper sites? How would that serve users or–more to the point–how would it contribute to Google’s bottom line? You may not like Google’s search team, but do you genuinely believe they’re stupid?

  • thsadmin

    “So you’ve been the business for how long?” What? are you that rustled that you can’t string a simple sentence together? I’ve been “in” this business long enough to know that Google has always had this stance on scraper sites & duplicate content… I’ve also been “in” this business long enough to know that you don’t depend on Google solely for your traffic. How long have you been “in” this business? Clearly not long, if you think this is a new concept.

  • thsadmin

    Don’t be concerned, just acknowledge the fact that they do, too many below normal sites scrape Wiki or simple copy & paste directly into their sites. My advice is ignore this bullshit & just focus on your site… don’t even worry about impressing Google. Provide good content & a site that people want to visit & the rest will look after itself.

  • J Nicholas Gross

    Doesn’t matter if you “mention” the source or not, Google has crossed over from “fair use” to “wholesale copying” which, sooner, or later, is going to get them sued for copyright infringement. Just because I tell you where the image/data comes from doesn’t give me the right to reproduce/distribute it to others.