• dallaseventaudio

    http://www.hpbacklinks.com/ build my rank is back with a new domain name!

  • thefortunemaker

    Still a lot of people saying create quality content, but theres always a problem there. ! person may think its “quality” and the other may think its s**t. Links will always be a signal of quality content. Think realistically, people will only talk about, link to, and share quality content. Links will always be a signal. But I do agree with the likes of Brian Dean, it’s much easier to get links by creating something epic. Let the blackhatters and seo noobs create crap content and buy crappy network links, it makes it easier for good seo guys to rank and bank :-)

  • Steve

    I’m surprised why BackLinks.com hasn’t tried to change their business model for so long. It was only a matter of time before they were hit.

    For having such a premium domain name, I would’ve expected them to have the resources to re-develop their business into something more sustainable.

  • atentat

    I am suprised their site didn’t get deindexed. I seem to remember link network sites where getting deindexed…

  • http://kustcom.com/ Garratt Campton

    I hope you’re referring to the company and not backlinks in general. Before Google backlinks was, and still is an awesome way to drive traffic from other parts of the web. Today the backlink is abused, however it still serves as a very efficient means of driving traffic to provide value.

  • http://kustcom.com/ Garratt Campton

    No actually they don’t work like that, as a seller you place a bit of script on your site and advertisers display links on it. As a buyer you have a list of websites which you can place you add on, and you get to pick and choose which sites you want your ad to display on, obviously you couldn’t afford to place you ad on over 400k domains. A bit different to Adwords/Adsense.

    But all Google actually needs to do is read the widget css/javascript code to find the footprint. Then filter the web with that footprint and deindex and PR drop all domains which contain the footprint, and all advertisers found within the footprint… Which is what they did in this case…

    I had expected this was going to happen for some time, before the fact, and placed one (as a seller) on a PR4 site on the homepage. This was just a throw-away site I didn’t care about.
    When Google’s PR update occurred site dropped down to PR0, so not PR N/A as I would have expected but still a significant change.

  • http://kustcom.com/ Garratt Campton

    Of course, so why did it take them so long?

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  • http://www.freightlink.co.uk/ Stewart.T

    Coz the algo is fallible and Google search is under resourced. all the money is going into driverless cars and robots. haha