• http://www.moxby.org.uk Martin

    Google always have to change something. I would really be interested to know the logic behind this particular test. People are more likely to click through if the title and description match what they perceive is relevant to their search terms. I’m not sure a long URL under the title will make the searchers’ jobs any easier.

    The only thing in terms of SEO is that it will re-emphasise the importance of having some of the target keywords in the URL. Apart from that, I’m not clear what the purpose of this test would be. Any thoughts?

  • http://www.sbrana.com/ Alessio Sbrana

    On Google.it in the last hours someone is seeing serps like these: http://www.sbrana.com/2011/05/nuovo-layout-delle-serp-di-google/

  • S.A.

    Google is slowly and possibly consciously “destroying” the whole idea of URLs. A high percentage of direct traffic (which is not really direct since Google is referrer) is now coming from Google because people type URLs in a very lacklustre way. On large sites this can be as much as 30 – 40% of the “real” direct traffic and it’s growing rapidly.

    So why moving the URL up? Because they are now making it even more obvious that this document is not only a unique URL but also a Title-on-Google. In fact, they would love that this document was only a Title-on-Google. What’s the need for that strange looking URL? So by moving the URL they have made it obvious that the URL is really redundant and they can remove when time comes.

    I’ll take of my tin foil hat now.