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    This makes perfect sense for Google — and not because they can do it better but because they can do it natively. Imagine sharing a Google map and having the shortener built in. Or for whatever the next version of Buzz is going to be. Even sharing insanely long search results will now get easier with a built-in shortener.

  • http://roshanjoshi.com.np nepalsites

    another useful service by Google. and i agree having a URL shortner in Google services such as Maps or Google docs will make sharing much easier. feel bad for bit.ly though which might end up getting traffic from Google users.

  • http://Www.Godaddy.com rajn

    Danny, it’s unfortunate that you haven’t covered godaddy’s public URL shortener at http://x.co. Its completely free, with vanity links, statistics and social sharing built-in, inclusive of API access. Check it out and let me know what you think. Look fwd to your opinion.


  • http://newworldwebconsulting.com travis

    Thanks for breaking down the differences among these services. My question is about application. I am curious about your take on which of these services offers the most advantages for the small firm. Does this calculation differ if the firm is larger, more concerned with brand management than brand building?

  • http://paulgailey.com paulgailey

    The bit.ly toolbars/extensions functions are also very powerful and I think a real advantage over the Goo.gl service.

    Bit.ly also has a nice stripped down mobile version m.bit.ly and yet the Google shortener, is peculiarly for a mobile thinking company like Google, totally absent.

    The QRcode is nice to have, but I can obtain the same function with a QRcode generator extension.

  • http://www.connectmarketingdesign.com JeffSanGeorge


    Since this is a SEO site I was hoping that would explain what kind of link re-directs are used in these services. From what I understand most services like bit.ly use a 302 (temporary) redirect, so the link doesn’t pass through “link juice”. I believe Bit.ly Pro uses 301(permanent) re-directs, but does Googles? if not what free shortener does use a 301 redirect?

  • craigbailey

    @JeffSanGeorge – you may want to check out Danny’s article from last year which covered all the redirect behaviours of the various shortening services. Bit.ly definitely uses 301s.

  • eli melamed

     Googles does a 301 redirect.