• srowen

    Regarding Google search, I can tell you they were looking for and decoding QR codes to locate mobile-oriented links even 2 years ago. Good insight!

  • http://www.brownbook.net Marc Lyne

    Here is a great resource for all things QR code – http://2d-code.co.uk , thanks Roger.

  • http://www.brownbook.net Marc Lyne

    Here is another example of how QR codes are being used: http://www.MemorialTags.com , thanks to David Jones, Twitter id @memorialtags

  • Ian Foster

    QR codes are taking a long time to take off in Europe. 24 months ago the US and UK were on par with interest in QR codes (QRMe stats) and the last 4 months has seen the US way ahead of the UK (and Euorpe) in terms of interest. The technology has a few barriers to overcome over the next 18 months or so… Surfing plan costs, coverage, consumer awareness etc.. play a large part of this technology taking ground and gaining momentum.

  • John3436

    I been experimenting with QR codes using http://www.beqrious.com/ I like there generator and they have a few interesting things they post on there blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathanranderson Nathan Anderson

    If you are looking to get analytics on your QR codes (including geolocation scan information) then I recommend you check our http://qrinkle.com.  You can add advanced features to your QR codes including A/B testing and expiration dates.

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Thanks for sharing this article about QR codes, we have written several articles about QR codes on our blog as well. http://www.lucidagency.com/qr-codes/qr-codes-used-by-only-5-of-smartphone-owner/

  • http://twitter.com/BuzzyVoyager Gila Beckermann

    Interesting, thanks for the post, I just found
    it today. I use QR codes now all the time, after
    I figured out how easy it is to use them.
    Just downloaded a free QR reader onto my
    smartphone and then I scan the QR code to
    get the information quickly. No need to type 
    anything on the small mobile phone screen.
    Piece of cake. I love it.

  • Uriel Sapir

    Great tool and easy to implement