• https://about.me/tarekreda tarekreda

    Thanks for the insightful post.
    Really tackles the “why” but I would like to know more about the “how”. Is there a tool that would combine data from search and site and serve ads accordingly?

  • http://www.chango.com Dax Hamman

    Hi Tarekreda – good question. Most site retargeting options and vendors dont provide this as they simply dont have the type of data Aaron is referring to. So there are tools but it would mean working with someone like Magnetic (where Aaron works) or Chango (where I work). I suspect that some other tools will catch up in the future, but a tool like Google Remarketing is too ‘simple’ I feel to move in this direction.

  • http://magnetic.is Aaron Doades

    Hi Tarekreda – Dax beat me to it! Couldn’t have said it better myself :)