Part 2: A Bird’s-Eye View Of The Search & Display Lumascapes

Welcome to Part 2 of the “A Bird’s-Eye View of the Search and Display Lumascapes.” In Part 1 last month, we covered two main topics: There is no à la carte targeting data in SEM Display is not catered to the long tail My third topic is an important one; it encompasses both the defining […]


A Birds-Eye View Of The Search & Display Lumascapes

Ah, the Display Lumascape. While I’m not an expert in Slideshare, I’m pretty sure that no other ad-tech related slide has received close to the amount of views as Terry Kawaja’s ubiquitous representation of the digital ad industry.   But despite how helpful and how many views the Display Lumascape has received, few people seem aware […]


Mobile & The Disintermediation Of Traditional Search

2012 is the year of mobile. Or is it 2013? Or maybe it was supposed to be 2011. Regardless of the calendar year that we’ll end up attributing the explosion of growth to, the mobile tide has been on the rise for some time. This past April, the Interactive Advertising Bureau released a report citing […]


“Search” Beyond The “Engine”: Alternative Search Sites

By now, you’ve all heard about this new whatchamacallit – the Googles. We all use the Googles quite a bit in our daily routines, and some of us even do a bit of marketing on them, too. However, as search evolves and continues to be fused with display, it’s important for marketers to take a […]


A Search Retargeting Guide for Search Marketers

If you are a search marketer, you have probably heard of search retargeting, and most likely, graciously let your counterparts on the display teams take charge. In some ways, search marketers are right in this action, since display advertisers manage campaigns for creative display ads and naturally search retargeting falls into the display camp. Yet, […]


What Does Big Data Mean To You?

I recently participated on a panel at Brand Innovators E-commerce. The title of the panel was “Big Data Meets E-commerce,” moderated by Mike Peralta, COO at MediaMath, and it included panelists from Kraft, Dell and New York Life Insurance. The panel discussion provoked thoughts around the value of each user, customer interaction, ad creative, and […]


How To Use Search Retargeting Data For Site Retargeting

Sometimes the devil is in the details. That’s definitely the case with search data and search retargeting. Search data is the basis of search retargeting. But it is also the intersection of search and display. At that intersection is site targeting, and this detail is often overlooked. Above all targeting strategies, site retargeting goes hand-in-hand […]


Bringing Order To Sequence In Search Retargeting

Last month, we started looking at the types of keywords that make search retargeting campaigns work. This week, we’re going to dive in even deeper by exploring the importance of sequence in searches and how to leverage that sequence to further improve campaign performance. The order of the words your company enters into the search […]


Understanding Keywords In Search Retargeting

Now that everyone’s done making their predictions for 2012 (more flying inflatable sharks is mine), it’s time to get back to business. Over the past 18 months, the display industry has seen the dawning of the golden age of search retargeting. The question went from “What is search retargeting?” to “Where can I get it?” […]

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