• http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    From the PPC perspective this is probably good news. Combining the Bing platform with the Yahoo service reps takes the best offerings from each company. Aggregating will also give us more data to model which should help us improve performance for both networks.

  • http://www.billhartzer.com/ bhartzer

    From an SEO (search engine optimization) perspective, it looks to me like you no longer will need to “optimize for Yahoo!”, since it appears that the Microsoft search engine Bing will power the Yahoo! Organic Search Results.

  • john7

    It should not be allowed to happen….
    A market controlled by basically 3 companies, now becomes 2….
    There is nothing in this for the consumer.

    I found another search engine
    Gezzmo; i hope the little companies survive and lead innovation.

  • cl0id

    How on earth does reducing 3 competitors to 2 enhance consumer choice and increase innovation?

    The reason Google are 1 in search and advertising is they simply have a better product and consumers have made their choice. The fact Microsoft and Yahoo have been incapable of keeping up is tough.

    Microsoft have shown little innovation in search and have been incapable of increasing their search share on there own.

    If I were a Yahoo investor, I’d be livid about this proposed deal.