• http://www.searchmarketingcommunications.com Cohn

    Indeed sad… Search market consolidation was inevitable though.

    Embraced, Extended and Eviscerated.

  • http://advertising.yahoo.com/ yahooguy

    So negative. What happens when the future of search is not search as we currently know it? What happens when the day comes when 90% of people use their mobile phone to search? What if people never really came to Yahoo to search but to check their news, sports, or whatever and just used the search bar because it was there. They never really cared who powered it. What if the merge of the two technologies is better than anything we’ve seen so far?

    I have hope that this will be a win for everyone. Of course working here, I have to.

  • Darrin Ward

    Yahoo may have been somewhat original in its search solutions, but the fact remains that they have not made significant gains in market share as a result of their approach. Just imagine how much they have invested in the initial production, and their ongoing monthly outlays to maintain all of the resources that are required to keep a full-scale search engine operating. Let’s not even speak of the Panama debacle.

    Yahoo is in a very vulnerable position. Just look at their income statements; net income has been steadily declining for years despite rising revenues i.e. they are a terribly managed company. It’s obvious that Yahoo don’t have the financial resources to continue on their current path. Microsoft, on the other hand is a very well managed company, financially speaking, and they do have the financial resources to develop and maintain a competitive search engine. Whether or not Microsoft can pull it off however is another question.

    By pulling the plug on their full search engine and using results delivered by Bing, Yahoo can use the realized savings into advertising their “new and improved” search engine, which may theoretically help their market share. Of course, that strategy didn’t work when Yahoo search was being powered by Google – people still flocked to Google because they knew it was Google that was really providing the value. Bing are probably hoping that the same will happen again and that people will flock to Bing. I’m not convinced. But WOW…. a 10 year deal is amazing. Microsoft know how to cut deals!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Yes, it is tragic…but as Carol from Yahoo stated recently they are not only a “search engine” company…It should be interesting to see if their traffic trends downward or if search will decrease and all other content areas of their community will remain in tact.

  • BloodBought357

    I have been using Yahoo for over 15 years and think the demise of this fine and prominent site would be a travesty of the greatest proportions. I hope you are wrong at least, not in my life time.

  • http://lookyloo lookyloo

    I was just curious, I know it’s not about Yahoo but has anyone here heard of Tazoodle yet? If so what do you think of it? I’m asking because I’m definitely not an expert on SE’s or even close and I was wondering what cutting edge people thought of it.

  • http://www.feedbo.com/ feedbo

    Let the Bing vs. Google wars begin.

  • ftchris

    More of an elegy than a eulogy. Sic transit.

  • http://www.InternetOMG.com alpern

    Danny….What I did not see in your write-up is if you feel that this is conceivably the first step in a dance that seems to be choreographed so that we will ultimately see Microsoft acquiring Yahoo! in its entirety.

  • http://fakesteveballmer.blogspot.com steveballmer

    You guys may have heard in the media today that I said the Microsoft will commit up to 10% of it’s profits to developing our search and web resources, the key component being Bing.com. Why they think this is such a big deal is a mystery to me; I’m only talking about 2-3 billion dollars a year. What they should be asking is, “What does Steve plan to do with the other 90%?”
    Well, just let me say it this way, “There’s more stuff out there than the internet!”
    I’m talking: Theme Parks (VistaWorld anybody?), Circuses, computerized furniture stores, Casinos, Malls, Toys, Food, Health spas like my personal one back at the office where I am WELL attended to!
    Think BIGGER people! The Internet is not enough!

  • achates

    Yahoo! isn’t getting out of search – people will still see Yahoo! search as Yahoo! search, the only difference will be a tagline on the results page. Most Yahoo! search volume comes from Yahoo! pages and there’s no reason to think it won’t continue to do so. So, Yahoo! should still see about the same volume of search traffic, but won’t have to pay the very large costs of providing it, while still getting the great bulk of the revenue.

  • pineresin

    Good read. I’m a former yahoo and I agree mostly with you. However for 2003 yahoo acquisition of AllTheWeb. It’s part of Overture deal too (like with AltaVista), not a separate acquisition.