• http://www.redmudmedia.com Ralph

    I hit refresh a couple of times as I thought my browser was causing the typos! Thanks for this Danny, it’s well summarized despite the typos.

  • http://www.1pathmarketing.com Daniel Cutler

    1. How could anything threaten Google? It’s not a company, it’s the world’s most expansive set of data constantly evaluated by the world’s most intelligent calculations. They’re so far ahead of the curve it’s ludicrous.

    2. Google spreadsheets might be the best thing they’ve given us yet. It’s the beginning of that personal Google in your pocket that they were talking about.

    3. If you want to figure out what Google will do next, just ask yourself: “What Would the Data Do?” Of course, you won’t have answer because you don’t have the data. But it’s still the right question.