DuckDuckGo Has Biggest Day Ever In 2014 With More Than 4 Million Queries On January 7th

duckduckgo-featured The Guardian reported yesterday DuckDuckGo, the search engine that keeps user searches private, is now up to four million queries per day, with over a billion queries performed on the anonymous search engine during 2013. Prior to the PRISM scandal that revealed the NSA was regularly tracking searches on major search engines, DuckDuckGo averaged approximately 1.5 million queries a day says the Guardian. "In the weeks and months following the Guardian's publication of the NSA files, the number of [DuckDuckGo] users more than doubled," writes Guardian reporter Alex Hern. The Guardian claims [...]

Search Engines Keep The Lights Out On Fireworks Ads, Mostly

fireworks-stand-featured Happy 4th of July! It's fireworks season here in the US, a time when online searches for "fireworks" skyrocket. Yet, ads for explosives and pyrotechnic devices like "firecrackers," "bottle rockets," and "fireworks" are not allowed per the advertising policies of Google and Bing -- and their respective search partners like AOL, Ask, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. Sam Engle at BrandVerity took a look at how well the search engines are doing at enforcing their own rules during this peak season for festive explosives. Engle found a few ads that managed to get through. One ad for an Indiana-base [...]

DuckDuckGo Launches New Search & Content App For iOS

duckduckgo-logo DuckDuckGo (DDG) has launched a new iOS app called Search & Stories to go along with the Android app that's been available since late 2011. The app offers many of the same features as DuckDuckGo's Web-based search engine, particularly the anonymous searching that has earned DDG a lot of media attention after the NSA/PRISM privacy scandal and helped double DuckDuckGo's search activity in just a few weeks. It's called "Search & Stories" because the company has added a social news discovery piece to the app's home screen. Stories are chosen based on their "proven social value," acco [...]

Duck Duck Go’s Post-PRISM Growth Actually Proves No One Cares About “Private” Search

duckduckgo-featured Look out, Google! Duck Duck Go is on the rise, posting a 50% traffic increase in just eight days. Is this proof people want a "private" search engine, in the wake of allegations the PRISM program allows the US government to read search data with unfettered access? Nope. Google has little to worry about. People don't care about search privacy, and Duck Duck Go's growth demonstrates this. Don't get me wrong. If you ask people about search privacy, they'll respond that it's a major issue. Big majorities say they don't want to be tracked nor receive personalized results. But if you look at [...]

DuckDuckGo Passes 3 Million Searches, Just 8 Days After Hitting 2 Million

duckduckgo-logo Another week, another traffic record in the alternative search engine space. DuckDuckGo (DDG) tweeted this morning about its latest milestone: more than three million direct searches in a single day. As the company's traffic page shows, it happened on Monday when DDG had 3,095,907 "direct searches." Those are searches done by human visitors to The count doesn't include the millions of bot/API searches that happen each day. What's amazing, really, is the speed that DuckDuckGo hit three million searches. It was just last week that we reported on DDG passing two milli [...]

DuckDuckGo Passes 2 Million Daily Searches

duckduckgo-featured DuckDuckGo, the upstart search engine that hangs it hat on protecting its users' privacy, hit a new milestone on Monday: its first day with two million direct searches. According to the company's traffic page, DuckDuckGo saw 2,211,203 direct searches on Monday -- up about 400,000 over Sunday's searches. The phrase "direct searches" refers to humans that conduct searches on It doesn't include bot/API searches, which -- in DuckDuckGo's case -- is averaging another 16+ million searches per day this month. The letters on the chart below are annotations that help explain the u [...]

Snoopy Logo From DuckDuckGo, Not Google

duck-duck-go-snoopy Today is the 90th birthday of the late Charles Schulz, the man who invented the comic strip Peanuts. To celebrate his life and contributions, we have a special logo from a beloved search engine. No, not Google, it is from the up and coming DuckDuckGo. Duck Duck Go has Snoopy looking over the shoulder of the Duck in their logo. When you click on the logo, you are taken to a search result listing for Charles Schulz. Charles Schulz was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and died at the age of 77 in Santa Rosa, California. The Peanuts comic strip ran for 50 years with more than 18,000 s [...]

DuckDuckGo’s New Video Targets Google’s “Filter Bubble” Of Personalized Results

duckduckgo-logo DuckDuckGo's ongoing mission to challenge Google (and other search engines, but mainly Google) on privacy issues has taken another turn with the recent launch of a video that accuses Google of putting searchers in a "bubble" of personalized results. The video hits on a few of DuckDuckGo's consistent talking points in its ongoing battle to educate searchers on privacy issues and, more specifically, what it considers to be the benefits of using its own search engine instead of Google. Almost two years ago, DuckDuckGo launched, a website that details how Google tracks its users an [...]

DuckDuckGo Adds Zero-Click Info From Zanran

duckduckgo-zanran DuckDuckGo has added new "zero click" information from Zanran to its search results, giving users quicker access to some of the deeper web content that Zanran offers. You may remember Zanran from my profile last year, Zanran: New Search Engine That Unearths Data In Charts, Graphs & Tables -- it's essentially a search engine for data that often gets lost in PDFs, Excel documents and even images. The new integration into DuckDuckGo is about a week old, and can be seen on queries like [aircraft production brazil], [adult obesity prevalence in indiana] and [child poverty uk 2012]. [...]

Could DuckDuckGo Be The Biggest Long-Term Threat To Google?

Robin Wauters at The Next Web recently wrote about an interesting trend taking place at upstart search engine DuckDuckGo. DDG (DuckDuckGo) is self-described as: We are a search engine with:  Way more instant answers.  Way less spam and clutter.  Lots and lots of goodies.  Real privacy. Wauters reports that DuckDuckGo’s daily search traffic has grown by 227% in three months: Given their huge growth rate over the last three months we took a closer look at DuckDuckGo to discern why users might recently be turning to it in larger numbers. The first reason many h [...]

Scroogle’s Gone? Here’s Who Still Offers Private Searching

online-privacy You've probably read the news already that Scroogle is gone forever. It launched back in 2003 and was popular among searchers who wanted to get Google search results in a private setting. Now that it's gone, where can searchers go for a more private search experience than Google and Bing offer by default? Here's a list of a few alternatives. Note that different search engines below make different privacy-related claims; I haven't investigated them in detail -- i.e., by examining cookies, etc. -- so anyone looking for a private search experience should do his/her own research. Private Sea [...]

DuckDuckGo Has Its First Million-Search Day

duckduckgo-logo The growth chart continues to trend in the right direction for DuckDuckGo. It was just about three weeks ago that we wrote about the search engine setting its own record with 731,000 searches in a single day. To go from that to more than a million in a few weeks is impressive. Via a tweet yesterday, DuckDuckGo announced that it had its first day with a million direct searches. We received over 1,000,000 direct searches yesterday for the first time ever!— duckduckgo (@duckduckgo) February 14, 2012 The milestone happened on February 13th when Duck [...]

DuckDuckGo Sets New Traffic Record, But Stats Show How Dominant Google, Others Are

duckduckgo-logo DuckDuckGo, the upstart search engine that's challenged its bigger competitors on privacy issues, has had a couple straight days of record-setting traffic. But the numbers show just how much the major search engines dominate the search space. First, let's recognize how cool it is that DuckDuckGo actually has a public web page that shows the search engine's traffic and query activity. We learned about it via a DuckDuckGo tweet today; you can see for yourself at The chart is impressive and shows the monthly moving averages of direct queries on DuckDuckGo's [...]

DuckDuckGo Relaunches With New Visual Design

DuckDuckGo has just relaunched with a new visual design across its home page and search results pages. Founder Gabriel Weinberg has been taking feedback and tweaking the design for at least three-plus weeks in the site's community forum, where he announced the new look and layout early Friday. The home page (shown above) is clean and spartan, and the results pages are pretty similar to what they were before, with the noticeable exception that the default light green header has been replaced by a slicker red look. Aside from the design, there are also search suggestions showing [...]

DuckDuckGo Honored As One TIME’s Top Websites Of 2011; Google+ & Quora, Too

DuckDuckGo, the one-full-time-employee search engine that has somewhat aggressively challenged Google on privacy issues, picked up a nice pat-on-the-back this week: It made a TIME magazine list of the 50 Best Websites of 2011. In its short profile, the magazine calls DuckDuckGo "one of the most appealing Google alternatives to date" and has high praise for its search results. It doesn't involve e-mail, maps, real-time results or social networking. It's just a simple, straightforward search engine that's reminiscent of early Google, with a no-nonsense privacy policy (it will not store any [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Logo Not On

This is the first time in years that Google does not have a St. Patrick's Day logo on the home page. Google does have a special logo on Google Ireland but not on Here is the Google St. Patrick's Day logo on Google Ireland: I have a feeling Google did not post it globally because of the Japanse crisis but I do not have that confirmed as of yet. Interestingly enough, is also missing the St. Patrick's Day logo. Only those in the Ireland region will see an animated logo. Here it is: Bing,, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo and some others have logo [...]

DuckDuckGo Adds Yelp, The Free Dictionary To Search Results

DuckDuckGo has added two new content providers to its "zero-click" search results: local business listings from Yelp and definitions from The Free Dictionary. Zero-click results are similar to the "one box" or "quick answers" that other search engines offer. Do a search for a specific local business, and DuckDuckGo may show its basic business info from Yelp. Here's an example: Another addition to zero-click is definitions from The Free Dictionary. DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg says this greatly expands the number of definitions in DDG's search results. DuckDuckGo has a [...]

Upstart DuckDuckGo Challenges Google With Strong Privacy, Cool Tools & Quackpot Name

Here at Search Engine Land we regularly hear from people who have created "radical," innovative," "next generation" search technology, promising to "fix" the "broken" search we all allegedly pitifully struggle with today. In virtually every instance that I can remember, these promises over-hype and under-deliver, rarely offering something that becomes part of my regular search arsenal. But the bizarrely-named DuckDuckGo is different, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it's actually a very good search engine—and it truly can do useful things. Second, the creator of DuckDuckGo has [...]

DuckDuckGo Challenges Google On Privacy With

DuckDuckGo, a small search engine that's largely flown under the public radar, has started the new year by taking a public shot at Google on the issue of search privacy. The company has launched, an illustrated guide showing how Google tracks its users ... and how DuckDuckGo doesn't. The site: shows how a search for "herpes" shows up in Google Analytics as a search referral with information about the user's location, browser, and other data shows how the "herpes" search can lead to targeted ads being associated with a user profile and how that profile can "potentially [...]

Blekko & DuckDuckGo Partner On Search Results

It's not exactly a case of If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, because Blekko has insisted all along that it's not trying to beat Google or any other search engine. It is trying to beat web spam in search results, and that's what has fueled today's announcement that Blekko and DuckDuckGo -- another upstart search engine -- are partnering on search results. Users doing searches on Blekko will sometimes see "Zero-Click Info" from DuckDuckGo with background about individual websites, as shown here: The Zero-Click Info box can be seen by clicking the "info" link below a search result. M [...]

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