• JWilson

    I love the spaghetti diagram. This is a great way to visually show the complexity of local listings.

  • http://www.localna8ion.com LocalNa8ion

    Great story and links as usual David.

    I think there are two sides to this story. The first is exactly as you describe. Figuring out local SEO can prove extremely vexing, even for those of us reasonably experienced in the field.

    The other story which I find compelling is that so many businesses can achieve really good local search rankings with almost no effort at all. Claiming your listing alone can get you on page one is less competitive keywords/markets and that can lead to a boon for those companies. I think we’ll continue to see this pattern for many SMB’s while the competitive keywords and markets have already proven to be almost as difficult to rank for as normal SEO.


  • http://www.BlueHorseradish.com BlueHorseradish

    I certainly understand how the listing processes and data propagation are currently the wild wild west for local search, and it certainly can be confusing for SMBs or even large enterprises. Of course, that’s why they need professional assistance to make it happen. :)

    So how could the standardization happen, potentially using KML or other system as the author suggests?

    – Larry

  • http://www.onlinematters.com Arthur Coleman

    excellent article. Much here I can use right now for my SMB customers. There are several services (localeze, local rollcall) that claim to be able to submit to all of these for you for a small cost (and I’ll use something based on volume any day to save my customers $$). But my experience with one trial is that they didn’t do a particularly great job covering all the sites in your diagram.

    Any thoughts on why and where Larry’s comment on standardization plays?