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    Segmentation of the search audience is the next stage in search marketing’s evolution.

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    Patent number: 7028072
    Filing date: Jul 14, 2000
    Issue date: Apr 11, 2006
    Inventors: Scott A. Kliger, Thomas M. Middleton, III, Gregory T. White
    Assignee: Unicast Communications Corporation

    A method and apparatus providing for the construction of customized advertisement banners for Web pages on a client computer. The advertisement banners are customized based upon various factors including user profile information, technographic information, geographic information, demographic information and user interaction information. The information being either stored on the user’s computer, server computers or obtained from the user’s interaction with the Web page containing the advertisement banner. Once specific information is obtained, customized advertisement content is selected from Web server computers and the advertisement banner is dynamically constructed and displayed on the user’s computer.