• http://www.elcario.de Sebastian Cario

    “It remains unclear if the buttons will in turn link to any broader social sharing on Google itself.”

    Hey Danny,

    maybe I got this wrong, but there is a way to show you social circle what you “plusoned”. You can add your PlusOne feed to your Google Profile and show everyone hat you liked, but – and thats may be your point – there is no autoshare to buzz or something. I wrote about this a few weeks ago: http://www.elcario.de/google-profiles-mit-1-plusones-und-neuen-rich-snippets/1833/

    Thanks for sharing this and I’m really excited what PlusOne will lead to…
    Cheers, Sebastian

  • http://borasky-research.net/about-data-journalism-developer-studio-pricing-survey/ Ed Borasky

    “Twitter has just released a “Follow” button for web sites, which allows people to easily follow a site rather that just tweeting articles from it.”

    That’s not quite how it works. Clicking on the Follow button allows people to follow the site’s *Twitter* account, not the site itself.

  • Paresh.shrimali

    first Of all Yahoo buzz so Google Published Google Buzz. Twitter has follow Button then Face Book have like button so Google Published +1 Button. Now Yahoo and Bing why not participate in competition.

  • http://www.searcheccentric.com S.E.

    Google introduced his new feature to beat the like button of facebook. But many of the Google features are not succeed like Google wave and buzz. So after some time it will be decided that how it will work better for seo.

  • http://www.brianfosse.com brianfosse

    I’m particularly interested to see how Google integrates this with paid search. I’ve been told that +1’s will appear by ads, but I’ll be curious to see if Google provides options on the advertising side in the form of an ad extension.

  • http://www.themilanogroup.com TMG

    About time, interested to see how +1 can be manipulated for SEO.

  • http://www.polarbranding.com Michael

    Will this be released globally? Or does anyone know when it might hit the UK?

  • http://bounceexchange.com B.E.


    No incentive to share at all, except people trying to game the results. This makes no sense at all. It is basically a crappier version of the “star” that no one used

  • Hieflo

    in addition to +1,so, the possibility to connect microsoft (bing? msn?) or plaxo accounts to Google was added tonight!

  • http://seo-jai.blogspot.com jaikumar

    I add +1 button in my website and Google webmasters wont’ show the stats. Need to add any code in my website to show +1 stats report in Webmaster ?

  • http://seo-jai.blogspot.com jaikumar

    In IE 7 browser the +1 button is not visible where in mozilla it was visible , may i know why ?