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    Here in the Netherlands one of the state subsidized Public Televison networks Powned is hosting a mirror of wikileaks: http://www.powned.tv/wikileaks/
    They want to support wikileaks because its the first battle between internet and “the establishment” see http://www.powned.tv/nieuws/tech/2010/12/powned_steunt_julian_assange.html Interesting that a activite of a international searched person is hosted now bey a Dutch Public Televison network thats linked to the Dutch Governement.
    Also wikileaks.nl and wikileaks.de are now in the air but that has not to do with government.

    Sorry Danny little of topic its not about searching the cable, but O thought you find this maybe interesting…

  • http://studioonthebrink.com Matt Drollette

    Developers can access the cablegate data in JSON or XML formats at http://www.leakfeed.com/ . This can be used to build third-party tools that search/filter/browse cables.