• egockel

    It wouldn’t have been that hard to pull up a browser on a screen to see if Yelp reviews were in Google places during the meeting. Google probably would have been happy to provide the access/hardware.

    It was fun watching Franken and then Blumenthal spend a couple minutes initially stroking Google and then segueing with “BUT” .. And to Bluemental’s point about Google being a behemoth, so’s the government for that matter.

    Obviously Franken made his promo videos before this hubbub about Yelp and rankings, and it does seem a little nieve to be touting free services by Google and not wondering they must be paying for it somehow, perhaps by prioritizing their own agenda/services when possible.

  • Winooski

    I dunno, I’d say I’m pretty sensitive to the appearance of conflicts of interest in politicians, but the “Sen. Franken once made a pro-Google video” doesn’t seem that controversial in light of the fact that “…his oppositional stance toward Google seems to suggest that he’s not ‘going easy’ on the company.”

    On the other hand, having other Senators during the hearing blatantly soliciting Google for business development in their states ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/google-chairman-faces-capitol-hill-heat-for-first-time/2011/09/21/gIQAzawBmK_story.html ) is a new low, and that’s *definitely* worthy of outrage.