• AnthonyDNelson

    Trying to bait the SEO community to give them links.

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    meh!  Tea Earl Grey Hot..

  • http://twitter.com/jhuinink Jim Huinink

    I had to Google “COB.”

  • http://twitter.com/JoeFoerch Jozef Foerch


  • http://twitter.com/shashankscg Shashank Gupta

    Good to see the SEO community being figured in a Ad. Though have to agree with Anthony, they might be trying to bait the SEO community :)

  • Bryce Hanson
  • russofford

    I’ll help save you time and Google processing power… “by COB” is defined as “by close of business”.

    I’ve used “EOD” before: “end of day”, but I’m not sure if it is used IRL. ;)

  • http://robertclarkmtfs.com/ Robert Clark

    haha it’s cheesy, but I still liked it.