• http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    A man stumbles across, another man with a bow, several arrows on his back & many pieces of chalk..  

    Surrounding them are several hundred tree’s with bullseyes drawn on them with every bullseye containing an arrow smack in the centre. “That’s amazing you’ve hit every single bullseye” on every single tree. Whats your Secret!”

    I fire the arrow at the tree.  I draw the bullseye around the arrow!



  • Pat Grady

    Ignoring causality and focusing on analyzing numbers will lead to many erroneous conclusions.  From simple attribution mechanisms to Simpson’s Paradox (darn causality again) to multichannel overlap (hint, the data’s complexity and some cool looking graphs hide the stark truth, it’s incomplete due to cookie blockers, history wipers, multiple browsers, multiple machines, and more), the analyst faces many hurdles – but is completely blind when they consider that the numbers alone are able to provide all the information that’s needs to be digested.