• http://www.visionefx.net Rick Vidallon

    Great article for updating websites. As a side note I had a law client updating their website for nearly a year. They had added over a 100 pages of content ( new pages) to get their website found better on Google. This month they called us wanting to know why Google is only seeing ’31’ of their web pages. ~ Our analysis revealed that a keyboard character their office paralegal was entering ( the person in their office person who was updating their website) was using a keyboard character that was being interpreted as a snippet of code and blocked all the pages from being seen in Google. As a result they lost nearly a year of Google crawl time for all these new pages. So to say what you ‘type’ and what you ‘see’ display fine in your website, but only a coding professional knows if the code or characters are technically correct so they do not cause your website any harm or difficulty over search engines.