• http://www.BlitzMetrics.com Dennis Yu

    Jordan– wow, comprehensive article on sharing buttons! What are your thoughts on when to put a share button vs an open graph object (such as on store.nike.com)?

    We find that OGP is more powerful, but harder to track, since you have to find the object id of that url.

  • http://www.jordankasteler.com/ Jordan Kasteler

    Thanks, Dennis! There’s no one-size fits all for everyone. Always Be Testing (ABC) :)

  • Michelle Stinson Ross

    Great, actionable info, Jordan. Thanks for pointing out that there needs to be a distinction made between the sharing buttons and the following buttons. I’ve landed on a few sites where they had something I wanted to share, but all the buttons enabled me to do was follow :( Lucky for them I’m determined enough to copy and paste a URL when it’s really worth sharing.

  • Scott Allen

    I’ve tested every single social sharing plugin for WordPress, and I pretty much hate them all. Ok, not hate, but certainly it’s fair to say that not a single one of them has all the features I want. I was using Sharexy until it just suddenly stopped working, and I just don’t have time to troubleshoot it. I’ve switched to Flare, but I still had to do a ton of CSS tweaking to it to make it work in my theme…and to fix a feature that doesn’t work in it.

    Still waiting on the perfect social sharing plugin.

  • http://www.jordankasteler.com/ Jordan Kasteler

    Thanks, Michelle! For that reason I always keep browser plugins handy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do much +1ing if I left it up to buttons.

  • http://www.crestmediainc.com/ Crest Media

    We created an infographic regarding common placement for social buttons on web pages. Jordan makes a valid point that there is no 1-size fits all solution, but there are some more common locations that can be used as a starting point for your testing. Feel free to check out the infographic on visual.ly or our blog:



  • Durant Imboden

    On “evergreen” information sites like ours, sharing tends to occur in the form of links. People who are planning a trip to Elbonia and researching where to stay or how to ride the local metro tend not to click “Like” or “+1” buttons when they find the information they’re seeking. On the other hand, they may link to a relevant article from a forum at TripAdvisor, Fodors, or CruiseCritic in answer to other travelers’ questions.

    A while ago, I took the social buttons off most of our pages to reduce clutter and speed page-loading, simply because we were getting so many more links than “Like” and “+1” clicks.

  • http://neodevsolutions.com/ Don Harrison

    I haven’t found a good social sharing plugin for WordPress that works well on responsive sites, particularly at mobile breakpoints. At least when it comes to posting a comment from the FB Like button. The “Post to Facebook” submit button is off screen!

  • AJ Ghergich

    I was looking into flare but I think it used an iframe for FB so you lose the comment box slide out on click..big issues because posts with comments are WAY better.

  • http://www.20milesnorth.com/ Rob Jenkins

    There is nothing worse than having a 3rd party social like code on your site and seeing that they have not adapted to an api update. Then having to wait around for them to do so. I say code it yourself if you can.

  • Michelle Stinson Ross

    If only I could +1 that reply :)