• David Cable

    I think its inevitable that Google will start to pay more attention to social platforms to determine ranking metrics, as with the growth of sites like Facebook and Twitter continues. However, it should be the case that Google work on analysing spam links on forums etc so that credible, valuable sources gain the traffic they deserve.

    Will be very interesting to see how Google’s algorithm changes over 2011 in relation to the social graph.

    Great post Miles

  • http://www.seorankings.com Wes

    Hey Mike, this article was a breathe of fresh air. You really put what I’ll call the “evolution” of social media in perspective here.

  • http://jerrymacnamara.com Jerry Macnamara

    Miles –

    Excellent article. I just gave a presentation on Social Media and the Impact on Search Engine Rankings. The presentation looks a little bit further down the line, but the key point is that social is “better/more genuine/more authentic.” Social is the missing link in returning better search engine results. Here’s how:

    Search Engines = Information
    Social = Perspective based upon experience/opinion from a trusted network of friends
    Layer Perspective (social) on top of information (current SE results) and you have “Insight”
    Insight is really what searchers are looking for when they search

    You can see the presentation and read my notes if you would like here: bit.ly/eTfwdL