• http://twitter.com/joeydavidsoncom Joey Davidson

    Really? Who doesn’t use AdWords Editor? I can’t imagine trying to manage an account without it.

  • http://newmovementmedia.com/ Shawn Lyles

    I agree with Joey, if you are not using adwords editor when managing your adwords campaigns there is a big problem. Thank You Kelly for the Great Post!

  • http://twitter.com/TimDineen Tim Dineen

    This article has nothing to do with In-House marketers. I resent the implication that Inhousers don’t use the same tools that Agency folks do – and its frankly silly to suggest such. Of course, as needed, we use the MCC, offline editors and reports. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/charmomg Chris Lee

     Completely agree with Tim. Using everything suggested in this article is fundamental to advertising on Google regardless of working agency side or inhouse……
    I have worked in both roles and can’t see why anyone wouldn’t be using these features.

  • Victor Sun

    Completely agree with Tim and Chris. Have worked in both agency and in-house and these features are essential and it is silly to suggest in-house marketers don’t use the same tools that agency folks do.

  • Maciek eF

    is it ok to have multiply accounts for one client? I thought it is against google’s regulations…

    p.s. I’m with Chris ant Tim..:)

  • Andrew Connors

    What was great about it?

  • Andrew Connors


    Please elaborate on imp share reports.  Your insight is impressive. 

  • nihonjon

    This falls under the pattern for trash content so I’m not surprised by the lack of insight it brings.

    (superlative) + # + (claim)

    If this were adtext it’d be rejected!

    I remember when semland had worthwhile…

  • Rob Klein Gunnewiek

    It is and it isn’t against the policy. Yes it is against the policy to target the same with different accounts. But if you run campaigns in NL, Germany and Belgium, then you are allowed to use separate accounts. Or if the one is set on mobile and the other on normal pc’s, then too it is allowed to have separate accounts. 

    As long as it is clear that the targetting is different, then there is no problem. 

    It becomes sketchy when you have two different channels but selling the same product (for example you have to online stores for plants, two different brands, but they both sell plants). If that is the case, then you better contact Google Adwords to sort it out. Because their technique  is smart enough and it will find similarities, where as humans these sometimes can’t. If they do, they will ban either one or even both accounts. 

  • Pat Grady

    Impression Share reports are like news stories that report the average number of times married couples have sex… one partner should consider the other’s true needs before drawing any “firm” conclusions.