• http://advent.es/ Steve Cameron

    Google is ever more pervasive, and we will be logged in without even realizing it in many cases as we move between and within G products.

    What Google has that many others don’t as a result is a much more complete picture of their users, not just the sites you visit, but where you go, what you do, what devices you use and when, who your friends are, what you are interested in – in fact, you take just about anything that any other platform knows about you and, yep, Google knows that too – but ALL of it.

    As a result the targeting and segmentation that G can offer marketers is beyond anything that anyone else can offer, and this depth of information can only get deeper. And, as we will confirm the more granular we can get, the better we can perform.

  • http://clarkkentslunchbox.com/ Clark_Kents_Lunchbox

    You make some excellent points, Susan, and I’d have to agree with you. Google has positioned themselves well to add user context behind their data collection which in turn will translate into more effective and more agile advertising. If they play it right they will be able to outmaneuver Facebook and the notion of Google+ as a competing channel won’t matter. Long term I can see more value in the Google +Post Ads than I do in Facebook advertising.

  • Susan Waldes

    It’s interesting that the very fact that G+ is ridiculed as a “ghost-town” in terms of their newsfeed pages is actually what is so strong about the product. Facebook is now diligently trying to “break-out” of the limited ecosystem of the .com and mobile app into other apps (WhatsApp, Instagram etc), their mobile ad network etc, as it’s the only move for growth. G+ is ahead of this “social layer” advertising game with a fundamental infrastructure that doesn’t exist in a closed ecosystem.

  • Sam Owen

    Nice article Susan! The move to automatic social extensions was a bit of a weird one to me. Most of our clients are pretty bad about managing their G+ accounts and linking them etc. It was really only the manual social extensions that ever got the ball rolling on that side of things. Just looked at the +1 Annotations segments in our biggest accounts and it really doesn’t seem to add much at all.