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Why Social Must Be Part Of Your Mobile Strategy

Let me start this piece by throwing a few stats out there: Mobile Over 550,000 Android phones are activated each day (worldwide). In the UK, 45% of Internet use is done on mobile devices. There are more than 3m mobile Internet users in London alone. In the UK, there are more than 15,000,000 smartphones in […]

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How To Use Mobile To Broaden Your SEO Campaign

Admittedly, I’ve been a little negative about “mobile SEO” in my last few posts, but that’s only because I believe “mobile SEO” really shouldn’t be seen as a separate product, just another channel to assist your SEO strategy. Let’s look at a market that really isn’t suited to mobile conversions and look at ways to […]

Google algorithm updates

Mobile SEO: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Let me just start by saying the there is no such a thing as “mobile SEO”, just SEO for mobile search. True mobile SEO could only exist if you only have a mobile site and the only link building you do is from other mobile sites and pursue other SEO activities on only mobile based […]

Google algorithm updates

The Mobile SEO Party is Ending

… and moving to a bigger house. Since over a quarter of the world’s mobile phones are now smartphones and mobile Internet use is set to overtake desktop use in the next 4 years, it’s even more important to have a mobile strategy or mobile offering. In recent times, Google has started to open up […]


3 Types Of Mobile Website Functions

As the other Mobile Mondays columnists have established, since mobile devices have  become more popular, mobile sites are becoming an option for many organisations. Maybe this is because the decision makers are sporting iPads and smartphones in the board room, but there are also significant business reasons to create a mobile version of your website. Since […]

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