Mike Moran

Author, Public Speaker, and Consultant on Internet Marketing. Chief Strategist at Converseon. Author of Do It Wrong Quickly and Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

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“See No Evil” Is No Way For Big Companies To Deal With Search Spam

It started innocently enough. A client, whom I’ll refer to as BigCo, asked a question about the success that one of their divisions was having with a different search consulting company. I wasn’t familiar with the company, so I asked a few questions and then started to investigate them. What I found disturbed me. It […]


Are Your Customers Looking For A Problem? Solutions Are Search Marketing!

The main problem with marketing is it’s too much marketing and not enough problem—your customer’s problem. Too often, we focus on our product instead of what our customer needs. Instead of trumpeting how great our products are, the Internet rewards companies that let their customers come to them. And just how do you let your […]

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